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On Mar 31, 2014, two new airways from Shanghai to Danang and from Fuzhou to HCMC will officially come into operation simultaneously. This is the sign to show that Vietnam is the focus point that Chinese tourists are heading for in 2014. Vietravel is cooperating with Vietnam Airlines and Spring Travel in China to efficiently exploit this world most populous market.

There will be 150 guests on the direct airway from Shanghai to Danang,. Among them are 10 journalists from various newspapers and TV stations in Shanghai including Shanghai Morning Post; Xinmin Evening News; Travel+Leisure; Tourism World; Oriental Metropolis Broadcast; Spring Airlines; Changzhou TV (CTV) and Spring Airlines Magazine to promote for this event. The flight from Shanghai to Da Nang operated by Spring Airlines wears number 9C8909, which is going to land at Da Nang Airport at 23h35 on March 31/2014. As intended, the leaders from the Ministry of Culture-Sport-Tourism of Danang city and Vietravel Group as well as a huge number of journalists in Da Nang will be receiving this delegation. According to the news from Spring Airlines, the airways from Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh city are proposed to commence end of June this year.

On March 2014, Vietravel wellcomed a press trip from China to investigate tourism in HCMC and Vung Tau

At the same time in Ho Chi Minh city, there will be also a reception of the first 180 guests from Fuzhou to Ho Chi Minh on the flight number VN 487, which is landing at Tan Son Nhat airport at 01:10 on April 1/2014. This is the first group of guests travelling on this direct airway exploited by the cooperation between Vietnam Airlines and Vietravel Group.

(Source: PR Dep)

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