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Theo ngu?n tin trên trang m?ng c?a T?ng Lãnh S? Quán Hoa K? t?i Sài Gòn

Sunday morning at 8AM on August 24, 2014 at Danang 29/3 Park, Zoo area: On this day, more than 30 participants of TIPS and other wildlife protection volunteers in Danang will come to conduct several activities for kids at the Zoo area of Danang 29/3 Park.

This activity is belong to the Training in Primatology Series 2014 workshop in Danang city, with focusing in developing effective education and outreach skills, with the aim to create a supportive area for kids to learn about wild animals and raise their love on wildlife in order to raise local community participation on saving animals in the wild.

30 participants of TIPS including trainees and instructors from 6 countries will gather at the zoo to play with kids though exciting and fun activities and games such as face painting as an animal, creating a monkey forest home, zoo sign scavenger hunt, identifying the animal calls, making handy crafts, and taking photos you’re your animal friend.

For further details, please contact:

Le Thi Trang (Ms.)
Communication and Education Office
GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre (GreenViet)
No. 39/21 Thanh Vinh1 Street, Son Tra District, Danang
Tel: +84 989 875 476
Website: (Vietnamese) and (English)


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